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Carpet - full stage. Runner on stairs

Settee right by the fireplace, facing the audience. Set with four small cushions

Table above the settee

Round table down left centre

Oak armchair left of the round table

Oak chest up left centre by the stair banisters

Velvet armchair between the chest and the French windows Standard lamp (wrought-iron three-lamp) behind the velvet armchair.

Oak cupboard left of the door up right (facing the audience)

Oak occasional table down right below the fireplace.Mirror over

In the fireplace. firescreen, fender

Electric bracket each side of th e fireplace

Electric bracket on the wall at the foot of the stairs  

Occasional ("clover") table above the door down left

Oak stool below the door down left

Curtains at the French windows (open)

Pictures: 2 miniatures, one each side of the fireplace Gilt - framed oil painting over the fireplace 3 prints on the stairs

2 painted wooden shields on the beams each side of the French windows

Coloured print (Cries of London) on the backing on the rostrum up left)

Coloured print (Cries of London) on the door backing down left)

Offstage - Down left, hall backing. Red lacquer French table




On stage:  

On the occasional table down right: Delft vase Vase of flowers

Newspapers, including the loc al paper open at the cinemas

On the mantelpiece right:

Pair of Delft vases Pair of china dogs Ormolu clock

On the cupboard up right:

Pottery figure, Queen Victoria Vase of flowers Ashtray Matchbox with match ready

Inside ditto: Smelling salts. Bottle of cooking sherry, half full Decanter, etc., to dress the cupboard.

On the table behind the settee:

Telephone, right end Ashtray Silver cigarette box with 3 cigarettes Matchbox with match ready (front edge of the table)

4 magazines, including Film Pictorial.

On the round table left centre:

Silver t ray with silver teapot (full), silver jug of milk, muffin dish with muffin (quartered), 2 cups, saucers, spoons (stacked)

Silver cigarette box with 5 cigarettes Ashtray Matchbox with match ready Lady's cigarette case (empty) 2 copies of Punch and other magazines.


On the table above the door left:

Vase of flowers

In built- in- cupboard left :

Toop's hat, coat, muffler (on back of the door)

Clothe s brush and clerical hat (on pegs on backing) Clerical suit, folded (on the chair)

Offstage left centre

(on rostrum) - Compact and lipstick (Penelope)

Clerical suit (folded) (Penelope)

Clerical collar and bib (Penelope)

Personal property - Rev Lionel Toop - Pocket watch




Strike clerical hat, clothes brush, compact, lipstick, cigarette case, 2 magazines from the table right centre

Reset cushion on the armchair left of the table left centre

Reset local paper on the table down right

Set cushion on left arm of the settee

Set wooden tray with 5 tumblers on the table left centre

Set sherry bottle (uncorked) and 1 tumbler on the table behind the settee (for Miss Skillon)

Offstage right:

Cosh (the Man)

left: Bottle of whisky and bottle of brandy (unopened)

(Rev Lionel Toop)

2 hot-water bottles (Ida)

Suitcase (Bishop)

Small key (Bishop)




Curtains closed and pinned together under pelmet

Strike hot-water bottles

Set tumbler half full of whisky, right edge of the table left centre

Set bottles of whisky, brandy and sherry on a tray on the table left centre

Offstage Leftt:

Small gladstone and white scarf (Humphrey)

Glass of milk on salver (Ida)

Wad of notes, revolver, identity card (the Man)

Clive's battledress (Ida)

Ten shilling note and pencil (Clive) Luftwaffe uniform (Sergeant) Notebook and pencil (Sergeant)

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